CDS Sawing unit

Circular Sawing Unit



Brenta circularsaw stands for high-precision finished products with a surface finish close to planing quality.

Flexible machine with merry-go-round system and possible infeed of cants coming from the log bandsaw.


  • Logs length 2m to 7m.
  • Diameter up to 400mm or 550mm with protective routers.
  • Feeding speed : 10 to 100m/min.
  • 4 or 6 movable spindles positioned by ball screws.
  • The top saw shafts rotate in the direction of feed and the bottom ones in the opposite direction.
  • 9-cutter CHIPPER: good quality of cut.
  • During sawing, the blades follow the profile of the log.
  • The sawing forces are thus distributed equally on the 2 saw shafts.
  • Sturdy, reliable construction.
  • Circular saws --> 4 motors : 90 to 160kW
  • Chipper Canter --> 2 motors : 90 to 132kW
  • Weight : 22000 Kg
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